Open a Coffee Store by Kaffe Magnum Opus - The World's Finest Coffee <body> <h1><a href="index.htm">Open A Coffee Store</a></h1> <p>Welcome Coffee Lover</p> <p>A coffee store is a state of spirit and mind.&nbsp;&nbsp; And, your coffee store is a business that will provide you with enough money to satisfy your economic goals.&nbsp;</p> <p>Our objective for &quot;Open A Coffee Store&quot;, .com,&nbsp; is to twofold.&nbsp;</p> <p>First to help you in the process of opening&nbsp; your store.&nbsp; </p> <p>Second, to support you in your quest for economic stability.&nbsp; </p> <p>The site is a work in process, created to answer the many questions our business and I receive about the business of the business.</p> <p>A coffee store is a wonderful place.</p> <p>Coffee is a sharing, with sugar, with spice, with breakfast, with lunch and with dinner and for that matter after dinner.&nbsp; Coffee is for lovers, quarrelers, carolers, friends and acquaintances, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and just us folk.&nbsp;&nbsp; More is done over coffee than is done over.</p> <p>I love people and love entertainment and I love interaction and thinking and talking coffee and pretty much anything else.&nbsp; I do it in a coffee business&#39;.&nbsp; It is fun, exciting, challenging, changing and stimulating.&nbsp; There is nothing better.&nbsp; You can become a philosopher, counselor, listener, a&nbsp; world traveler, chef, drink mister, confessor, leader, follower, town crier, town center, theatre, Gilbert and Sullivan, or Sullivan and Gilbert, poet, reader, writer, librarian, gift giver, wedding planner,&nbsp; 12 stepper or 2 stepper, rocker, cookie maker, baker, candle stick seller, basket maker or basket case worker, socialite or social worker, gallery, web maven, financier, marketer, and musician.<br> Have you always wanted to play guitar to an audience and never had the chance?&nbsp; Open a coffee house and make yourself the opening act!&nbsp; (Just be good enough to bring them back.)</p> <p>Can you talk with a 14 year old student?&nbsp; Their Great Grandparent?&nbsp; The local fireman?&nbsp; Policeman?&nbsp; Tailor?&nbsp; Shoemaker?&nbsp; Mayor?&nbsp; This is the chance and place to do it.<br> And make a living?&nbsp; You bet.&nbsp; This is it.&nbsp; Read on.&nbsp; Read <a href="">Money.</a></p> <p>A coffee store is place to meet.</p> <p>A coffee store is a place to gather, play, talk movies, gossip or the political stuff.</p> <p>Meet your fiancé?&nbsp;&nbsp; Where?&nbsp; At a coffee house.</p> <p>This site will help you achieve your goal to be an independent business person - some call it an entrepreneur - but even spelling entrepreneur is difficult - so how can you define it or explain it.&nbsp; I will say it is good to have the skills of an entrepreneur - persistence, boldness, optimism, vision, creative abilities or the ability to follow closely.<br> You will work hard, long, and reap the rewards.&nbsp; Economic, psychic, emotional and intellectual.&nbsp; Excitement and challenge, anxiety, fear and exhilaration,&nbsp; the edge and the mountain top. Applause and fame.&nbsp;&nbsp; Welcome pilgrim - welcome home.</p> <p>Lloyds of London started in a coffee house.&nbsp; Not that I want to be or want you to be an insurance maven but it is comforting to know that these pillars of risk taking took their own risks over a cup of Joe!&nbsp; In a coffee house of course.&nbsp; Now if we can only get the bankers to do the same we&#39;ll have money and fame.&nbsp;&nbsp; Good luck.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </body>