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Mouse Over for Larger Image  Can you taste the chocolate?  Advertising does work.  But not all media are appropriate to your business or your area. Free advertising is wonderful and available in great quantity if you give the media something to write about. Mouse over coffee for larger image...

Events, openings, poetry bashes, good musicians, or the recitals are all good reasons to get free space in the public lifestyles section of the local paper.

Recitals are great for your business. Arrange it with the local music store.  The music store brings the students.  You give the students a stage to present their semesters work - like playing the flute.  The parents come in droves.  It works and they love it and the kids love it  and the music store loves it. 

Read magazines and look for great copy.  Get a book from the library on What Makes Good Advertising and read it and then apply it.

Sizzle sells.  Grade A, mottled fat steak is as mouth watering as a glass of sand.

A picture of a T bone sizzling on the grill, with a person grilling away, or, to sell French Toast Coffee?  I love waffles.

More Information Coming Soon: Newspapers, Radio or TV, Telephone


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