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Kaffe Magnum Opus is led by Bob Johnson, president.   Bob says "I am grateful that KMO gives me the opportunity to contribute to this and other sites, like "www.Open A Coffee"
Bob has been in the coffee business since the first major national SCAA convention held in 1991 in Seattle, Mecca to coffee mavens. 

Before Coffee Bob spent 23 years in the banking industry finishing as President of Nat West Home Mortgage.  Before that he ran the 50 branch network of First Jersey National Bank in Atlantic City, NJ, and before that he was Executive VP of Bankers Trust in the Hudson Valley, serving at various times: VP of Marketing; VP and Controller; and VP of Data Processing.  This service preceded his appointment as the person in charge of branch banking and the commercial lenders.  The combination of business experience gives him a very different and perhaps unique perspective on Coffee.

Banking and Coffee have a great deal in common.  The are both commodities and tough to differentiate.  And they both are successful as hometown stores or multi-store operations.  "I was fortunate enough to run a 50 branch operation and it prepared me for the coffee industry."

Bob has taught accounting and marketing in Hudson Valley community colleges and the SUNY at New Paltz.  He has been published in marketing journals and brings this background to coffee.

His first coffee venture was a Mall store, Coffee Time, in the Cumberland Mall, Vineland, NJ.  He then opened a cafe in Downtown Vineland.  These retail experiences formed the basis for Bob starting Kaffe Magnum Opus and provided the knowledge of retailers needs and requirements that Kaffe Magnum Opus satisfies so well.
Kaffe Magnum Opus is in business to be the Specialty Roaster of Choice to the Specialty Coffee Trade.  The company focuses on independently owned retailers.

It can be reached through or

Or call Bob at 800-652-5282.  He will help you personally.

"Know that freshness is king.  A freshly roasted and brewed coffee takes precedence over all else in this business".  "Your coffee must be fresh: there are no substitutes nor excuses".  A roaster who does not wear track shoes and sneakers is not in the business of supporting retailers.   "KMO staff are issued track shoes when they first join the company."  Although this is a bit of literary license, it is indicative of the approach to business that Bob and KMO have to serving Library's and retailers.

This site is supported completely by Kaffe Magnum Opus.

Bob Johnson.  If you want to know more right this minute, call Bob at 800-652-5282 or write

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