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If you want a quick start, first get a good espresso, add a spot of vanilla syrup, and down it in one shot.

And by any means contact us!


Fax: KMO at 856-327-9975

Telephone: 800-652-5282 for Meghan, Christy or Amy

Write: Kaffe Magnum Opus, Inc, 500 S. Wade Blvd, Millville, NJ 08332

Visit for a session on coffee stores.  We have been retailers and have been in your shoes.  We do not retail now and will not retail, but we are experienced retailers who now only roast for independent retailers.


This is not a primer on business structure.  But this stuff is important.

There are many decisions and agreements that we urge you to have reviewed or drawn by your attorney.

Clearly the business structure: corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

Real Estate: purchases or leases.  This is particularly important because  when you do really well you don't want a landlord holding you up because you signed a one year lease.  Or whatever.

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