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I love Marketing.  It is not something I plan, it something I just do.  You too must be a good marketing person.  Twist, shout, shuck, jive, move, shift.  Promote constantly, price as high as you can and still maintain the volume you want, carry what your customers want and get it to them on time.

I received my graduate degree in Accounting and Marketing and I became devoted to the concept of the Marketing Controller.  Basically a person who knows how to create and stimulate demand at a profit.

For a semesters I also had the good fortune to present a course on marketing management at SUNY, New Paltz.  This was the toughest thing I ever did.  I had a packed class and I was wet behind the ears and had never taught at a full blown college before.  It was tough.  But I learned a great deal about substance and keeping people interested and alert.   I went by the book and when I look back it would have been better to just be myself and do my thing.  I am told Robin Williams sweats gallons when he is on stage.  He has nothing on me and especially nothing on me when I did this class.

Because of this I was a terrific teacher of Accounting, and I think a solid practitioner of the art of marketing.  But don't ask me what a differential equation is.  I will answer with a blank look and retreat to my private place in this universe.

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