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The Well

The well is your friend.  It is the place you keep your ideas.  It is your resource notebook, it is your solution guide.  It calms you.  It gives you options.  You have telephone numbers of friends, of suppliers, of organizations, of people who expressed interest in your business.
The well is inside you.  It is your strength.  You can cry, but you can not hide from the boss.  This is different now.  You have to get tough and you have to turn things around and you can if you keep the well filled with water and fertilizer.

Look in the mirror.  Think.  Smile at the mirror.  Pour water in the well whenever you can.

Take a Note,  Water in the Well The first noteSpout Off

The well is the place you go for water.  Water is what sustains life.  Life sustains ideas.  Ideas sustain your business.  Good ideas and a little action will fill the well with more water.  Keep adding water to the well and go to the well frequently.

The well is a notebook.  Keep notes.  Keep it by your bed side.  Write everything down.  Keep it long, not brief.  It is a process and it feeds upon itself.

If you feel expansive and start spouting off, write it down.  Only you can write this down because only you will know what it means.  Driving in the car is another thing.  Your friend can write that one down.  Remember the movie "Take a Note".  You have to rent this movie and watch it.  Rerun it.  Remember: "Take a Note", go to the well.   Spouting off is planning - and you should listen to yourself.  Spouting leads to changing and changing is good for the well-being and welfare.  Spout off! and listen.

Commit it to the business memory.  Ideas.  Imaginings.  If I could only's.

Write in down right.  There is no such thing as a bad idea.

Start writing and the ideas will flow.  One idea will lead to another.

Yes, mother, I'm all wet, and it's alright.  I'm alright, I'm in the well.

Keep going.  Go to the well.

The first note.  "I will open my coffee store on November 14th, 1990, and this is what it will look like".

Water in the well keeps fire in the whole business.  And yes Adam, a good cup of coffee will keep the water flowing.  

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