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Money.  That's M, O, N, E, Y.  Money is Good for Business

In "Fiddler on the Roof", I believe,  Zero Mostell sang "If I were a rich man ..."  Only his first name was anti capitalism.  Money does make the world go round, even to us old hippies.  Abbie Hoffman became a businessman.  He didn't sell out, he got real. 

If your coffee store is making money, you are probably successful and doing what you should be doing.  There is a coffee store in Syracuse.  They were doing so well Starbucks opened down the block.  Your success is yesterday and today.  Tomorrow is not certain so it is wise to build a well of money to help you zig and zag as things change.  Go to  The Well.

More Thoughts on Money

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Sometimes, rarely, having a lot of  money is bad.  Too much money can hide trouble.  Look for trouble.  Be the doctor and use the thermometer in the espresso water and the bank account; use the stethoscope, listen to your banker, your suppliers, your customers and the telephone.  Don't get lulled to sleep or be dull.  If the creditors are calling, ask yourself why?; use the scale and weigh the business every day.  You are the doctore.  Having acknowledged that this condition can exist, I urge you to forget it.  Having more money from the right sources is really very good for business and your welfare.  So lets look at money.

Is Money Important?

Raises Make People Happy.  Honest.  Ever ask a staff member to take a cut in pay?  Yeah, right.
Price cuts make people happy.  Yes mahatma, this is the best coffee you will ever get and today it is free!  If you have money, you can bring a smile to mahatma.

Money comes from profits or debt or savings.  Best if it comes from profits.

Remember: the more you give, the more you get.  You can't give what you don't have.  So having is important.  Make money.  Price yourself correctly.  Don't give it away.

Make your policies and stick with them.  Sugar used to be extra, but some kind coffee maven included it in the price and it has been there ever since.  Just make sure your price includes the sugar.

Remember: sugar makes the medicine man happy.

Is water important?

Filter your water, it will make better coffee and espresso.  This water is important.

Money is water to the business.

Is Capitalism Good?

Only Marx, was that Carl or Groucho?, believed capitalism was bad.

Marx was wrong.

I live in America.  This is a great country to live in; it gives us the ability to be here this second talking about a business and getting ready to write the first note.  Even the original Declaration of Independence talked about the pursuit of wealth (latter changed and immortalized as Pursuit of Happiness).

It is good to make money.  Why?

Some of you may be chuckling as you finger the change in your pocket.  There are some coffee stores that simply have so much success that money is no longer an issue.  This is very good for them and an inspiration to the rest of us.  Spend you capital well and leave enough to cover the rough spots.  Your rent, your home mortgage, your car payment and food budget are all part of the equation and must be covered by this business of ours.

The margins are in coffee, the demand is present, and the demand is long standing and likely to remain for a long time.  This is and continues to be a good business.  So just pick you spot well, spend your money wisely, and keep taking your temperature.  Watch and listen to what is happening day to day and make change.

Sayings That Work

Shared Experience

  There is no such thing as a free lunch. TINSTAAFL
What gets measured, gets done.  WGMGD
A little number times a big number is a big number.
The more you show, the more you sell.
The more you sample, the more you sell
The more you give the more you get.
Pyramids and triangles sell well.
Variety, variety, variety.
Location, Location, Location.
Grow, grow, grow.
If it can happen, it will.
Back up your back ups.


There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch... There isn't.  Really. 

The Mirror

If the mirror smiles, so will your bank account.  Remember this.  




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