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Equipment: Buy

Buying does not mean giving up all the cash for the equipment.  Lease it, borrow on it, installment loans are available, or use your credit card with one of those great rate deals.  But take ownership.  Freedom and Guiltless as we explain below.

I think you should buy your equipment and then pick you coffee roaster based on the merits of the coffee provided.

Many roasters give away equipment if you agree to use them exclusively.  Why?  TINSTAAFL
The cost of equipment - other than espresso equipment - is pretty controllable and reasonable.  Use your credit card, get a small loan, increase the size of the loan you are after, or call you mom or dad.
Buy your equipment.  I will provide you with freedom and you will be free of quilt when you end of buying someone else's coffee.  You will do it, and then you will worry about the guy who gave you the equipment coming by at the the wrong moment.  


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