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Equipment: Displays

If you take a second to look at the pictures below you will have an idea of what displays can look like. I think mason jars are the way to go.  Just keep them out of the sun.

This is also a question of Budget.  There are many very handsome stores using nothing but $400 stainless displays trimmed in glass, wood and bronze.  These are very desirable because they set the tone for your store and they all have a form of false front.

In our cafe we used five of these to set the tone and displayed them behind the counter.  We kept our heaviest volume sellers in the "top draw" bins as a convenience for us so we did not have to travel as much to the bean area.  But their purpose in the cafe' was to set the tone, establish a certain ambiance and say: "Hey, these people know coffee".

Mason Jars:

This will give you an idea for using mason jars in a mixed display.  Notice that the gravity fed acrylics are right over the scale.  These were Hazelnut, French Vanilla and Irish Cream, which in our cafe were the three biggest sellers.

The "top draw" bins we kept behind the counter had only straights in them. Notice that there are 7 or 8 jars per shelf.  You can keep the backup behind the jar or under the "counter" section of this display.  Here the bottom is covered in burlap, even though the pix makes it look like black cloth.

Mouse over images for larger view...

Four grinders?  Yes.  Flavors in two, straights in two.  Never mix straights and flavors.  You may try to cut corners, but your customers will know it.  Train and train and train again your staff on this point.  Big labels on the grinders.  Say that again, Sally.  No Flavors in the Straights.  No straights in the flavors.

Mouse over to see the jars and behind it a poster of grades of coffee.  My company only roasts specialty grades but there are lots of roasters out there who use whatever is available.

Additional Display Information

More Info Coming Soon: Acrylics, Stainless



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