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Marketing: House Parties

Do this.  This is a great way to make (remember bake, make and shake) permanent customers and create a name for your business.

You will want to make certain that the people have money.  Professionals are best.  But these folks are looking for new stuff to do too and will respond.  Do a brochure on MS Publisher.

You need:

A light weight espresso maker - get a Krups or other make with a pump.


An agenda

Show how to make espresso, cappuccino, latte, layer a cappuccino in a see-through glass, bring a globe and talk about the origins, between the 20's, what coffee tastes like, bring a few airpots of brewed origins, of flavors, bring packages, baskets, small appliances, smiles.  I have a tape I can share with you, or buy one from the sources at the SCAA  If memory serves there is an outfit called Bellisimo who advertises in many magazines.

House Party Check List:

1. What to bring.

a. Airpots with brewed coffee

i. Origins
ii. Flavors
iii. Maybe even an espresso to make drink making easier

b. Globe – use this to talk about the origins of coffee

c. Burlap bags to dress the table.

d. Espresso machine

i. Lightweight like a Krups pump machine. Make sure it has a reservoir.
ii. See-through glass so you can layer a cappuccino.
iii. Espresso grinder or a package of ground espresso

e. Hand held grinder so you can grind coffee and fill the room with great aroma.

i. When the clicks stop in the grinder it is auto drip

f. Brewers

i. French Press
ii. Ibrix – the Turkish maker and some molasses
iii. Single cup chemex type brewer (you know the type that sits on a 12 oz cup and drips through a single cup cone type filter.
iv. Chemex Brewer
v. Toddy Brewer and good to have it brewed during the day so you can demo the syrup falling into the jar and then brew a cup using this syrup.

g. Condiments

i. Sugar
ii. Creamer
iii. Milk for cappuccino
iv. Syrups – sugar sells

h. Cups and saucers

i. Fancy is really good but you have to wash
ii. 100 or so 4 oz paper cups are fine for tasting because the purpose of this is to have the audience taste.

i. Coffee

i. Sumatran or an Indonesian
ii. Kenyan or another African
iii. Colombian for balance

  1. Several roast colors for differentiating

j. Make

i. Cuban coffee and down it for the crowd. I love a spot of vanilla with the coffee
ii. Espresso with and without syrup and sugar
iii. Latte
iv. Cappuccino
v. Iced drinks: lattes
vi. Mochas
vii. Whatever is your favorite and you can make with PASSION.

k. Flavored and decaf coffee

i. Best smelling and selling coffee and in a container so you can let the aroma out in the room

l. Different roast colors and green and roasted coffee in the various stages of bean development.

m. Your inventory

i. Mugs
ii. Teapots
iii. Small appliances
iv. Coffee packages

n. Pen and paper so you can get the names and addresses.

i. Start you gift registry with this group.



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