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Equipment: Loaners

Some suppliers - coffee roasters, ice cream makers, bakers, pop corn makers, and wholesale paper companies - will "loan" you the equipment.

  • To accept?
  • Or not accept?
  • As the case may be.

What is a loan?

Take this money and use it and keep it until death do us part?  Not likely.  The point is you take the money - or equipment - and somehow you have to pay for it.

Higher prices or lower quality merchandise is generally the rule so beware and capitalize yourself properly.  And insure your freedom of choice.

The hook is that you must also take the lenders product.  Fair enough, they give you the equipment and you agree to use the product, but this severely limits your ability to move and shake and change and invent and add product. 

You must be able to add products and brew coffee, and grind coffee, and evaluate new stuff.  If there is any restriction imposed by the lender, beware and turn it down.  Yes, don't take the stuff.  Nuts.

Listen to my experience.  I had grinders form the first roaster I selected but within a month I had to add more coffee than this roaster offered.  What to do?  I bought the equipment from the roaster and continued to use both.  Or, make sure your roaster has plenty of variety.

I choose not to violate agreements, but there are also many retailers who take the equipment and then do as they please.  Ok, but most the of business in coffee is done on your good word - verbally.  Done:  it means its a deal.  You do this and I will do this.  So ...  Think long and hard.

If you must take the equipment, you may lack the funds to do the size shop you see.  So adjust a bit.

One of your goals is to be free and independent.  Why compromise?

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