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Welcome Coffee Lover

A coffee store is a state of spirit and mind.   And, your coffee store is a business that will provide you with enough money to satisfy your economic goals. 

Our objective for "Open A Coffee Store", .com,  is to twofold. 

First to help you in the process of opening  your store. 

Second, to support you in your quest for economic stability. 

The site is a work in process, created to answer the many questions our business and I receive about the business of the business.

A coffee store is a wonderful place.

Coffee is a sharing, with sugar, with spice, with breakfast, with lunch and with dinner and for that matter after dinner.  Coffee is for lovers, quarrelers, carolers, friends and acquaintances, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and just us folk.   More is done over coffee than is done over.

I love people and love entertainment and I love interaction and thinking and talking coffee and pretty much anything else.  I do it in a coffee business'.  It is fun, exciting, challenging, changing and stimulating.  There is nothing better.  You can become a philosopher, counselor, listener, a  world traveler, chef, drink mister, confessor, leader, follower, town crier, town center, theatre, Gilbert and Sullivan, or Sullivan and Gilbert, poet, reader, writer, librarian, gift giver, wedding planner,  12 stepper or 2 stepper, rocker, cookie maker, baker, candle stick seller, basket maker or basket case worker, socialite or social worker, gallery, web maven, financier, marketer, and musician.

Have you always wanted to play guitar to an audience and never had the chance?  Open a coffee house and make yourself the opening act!  (Just be good enough to bring them back.)

Can you talk with a 14 year old student?  Their Great Grandparent?  The local fireman?  Policeman?  Tailor?  Shoemaker?  Mayor?  This is the chance and place to do it.

And make a living?  You bet.  This is it.  Read on.  Read Money.

A coffee store is place to meet.

A coffee store is a place to gather, play, talk movies, gossip or the political stuff.

Meet your fiancé?   Where?  At a coffee house.

This site will help you achieve your goal to be an independent business person - some call it an entrepreneur - but even spelling entrepreneur is difficult - so how can you define it or explain it.  I will say it is good to have the skills of an entrepreneur - persistence, boldness, optimism, vision, creative abilities or the ability to follow closely.

You will work hard, long, and reap the rewards.  Economic, psychic, emotional and intellectual.  Excitement and challenge, anxiety, fear and exhilaration,  the edge and the mountain top. Applause and fame.   Welcome pilgrim - welcome home.

Lloyds of London started in a coffee house.  Not that I want to be or want you to be an insurance maven but it is comforting to know that these pillars of risk taking took their own risks over a cup of Joe!  In a coffee house of course.  Now if we can only get the bankers to do the same we'll have money and fame.   Good luck.

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