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This is wonderful stuff.  It is free.

Learn to write press releases and then write them and release.  Write about your people.  About your coffee, especially Ethiopian Yrgacheffe.  Write about your sales, your plans and your successes.

Write about adding a new supplier, a new line, a new location, a new service.

Write about your House Parties, Your free tasting event, your class to the culinary institute at the local college.

Write about your booth at the local house wares show sponsored by Kiwanis. 

Write about your speech to the Kiwanis club.

Never stop writing.  Do one a month.  The local papers need and look for good local news about people places and things and events.  They will pick it up and publish it.

Press Release Sample:

For Immediate Release

March 17th, 2008

Today, at my Coffee Store, St. Patrick made a miraculous discovery.  He tasted the finest Irish Cream he had ever tasted and he was so happy he talked all the local animals into leaving this fine Ireland of ours.

What you say.  How did St. Patrick do this today when he died so many years ago?  "So you thought" said James Fitzpatrick, owner of My Coffee Store located at Central and South America Blvd, and, where Sally McBride is singing this Friday evening at eight, "St Patrick was only thought to have died so many years ago".  "Actually, and I can tell no lies on this fine St. Patrick's Day", continued Jimmy Fitz, as he is known to his 6,000 customers, "St. Patrick was smart enough to purchase a cryogenetic ice maker and he crawled into it just after consuming one of my famous Irish Cream coffees with added stimulants - which only I know of - and am sworn to secrecy not to disclose to anyone except those who buy my espresso Irish Cream latte this Friday night."

So, said our reporter.  "I see how St. Patrick survived, but how did the stimulant fit in the picture."  "Hmm" says Jimmy Fitz. "That I will answer in my next release".  "No problem", says I, the chastened reporter, "but I'll be havin' one of those stimulants if its na tomuch a bother ta ya now".  "That's fine" answered Jimmy Fitz, "and its Free if you buy two pounds of Irish Cream Beans, but only 'til eight tonight".

For more information call:
James Fitzpatrick, AKA Jimmy Fitz
At My Coffee Store

"Have Fun, and never stop selling" says Jimmy Fitz.

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