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Yes, yes yes, you gotta sample!

Sample.  The more you give the more you get. Here is how to sample:

Prepare a bunch of what you want to give out - make it sweet - sugar sells.  Put them on a tray.  Walk around the store at the busiest time - when people are there- and say:

"Here is a Granita - it is delicious" with a big smile extending your sample to the customer who will take it 80% of the time.  

Or: "Here's our chai - you can't resist" all the time smiling, laughing, mixing it up with your customers, your friends, and extending the drink assuming they will take it.  They will 80% of the time.

This is good.  It is good to sample a drink that will retail for $2.50 and up.

Do not ask if they want a sample.  If you ask, 80% will turn you down because they are too polite to take something for nothing.

Don't ask.  Give.  The more you give, the more you will make.

If you aren't busy, put a latte out by the register in small 1 oz portion cups and give it to every one.  Every one.  One to everyone.  Please do this.

And then you will be busy. 

Go out on the street and do this.

Put an air pot of free coffee with 1 oz portion cups outside.  Introduce the latest flavor or origin.  Make sure you label it.  Don't put sugar out, keep the sugar inside and tell them it is inside.


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