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Recipes: Success, What Is It?

If my daddy is happy, then I am successful!  To each his own.  The criteria for success is an internal, not external, measure.  But it will help you through this process to define it and what you will do when you reach it.

Builders and Cleaners

Some of us are builders.  When the structure is done so are we and we like to move on.  If you are this kind of person, be prepared to sell you business.  The day to day operation of a coffee store demands attention to detail, time and supervision.  And you must be a good cleaning person.  If you can't spot and remove dust, food stains, salt on the floor, sugar on the table, white specs on the rug and soils on the furniture, then exit stage left and either hire a cleaner and generate the sales to pay for the cleaner, or, don't open.


No doubt it is good to have enough to pay the rent, pay for food and your car and cable and computer hookup.  Figure out how much you want (not the need - need is back door stuff - want is why you are doing this) and make sure this location will give it to you when the crowds come.  Is it large enough to accommodate your wants?


Look ma, no hands!  Fame is fleeting.  Bill Gates comes to mind, but he is in the media every day.  The person who started Starbucks did a terrific job of creating a business and an industry, but for the life of me I can't think of his name this Sunday Morning.  Who is that guy running the United Nations?  ATT?  Armstrong?  No, he was forced out for bad service.  If you are doing this for fame, buy yourself a full page advertisement in the local paper, say for $7,000 and say what you want about yourself, then frame it and go skiing.  This will be more fame than you will get in a million years or after your millionth cappuccino.


Well.  This is hard.  Running a successful business takes time.  But successful businesses do make enough money so that you can  support a person who can step in when you go home or on vacation.  If the spot you pick will not generate the money you want to hire a support person, and this is important to you, find another spot.  If you want to get away from it all and immerse yourself in the business, forgetaboutit, and open.  You will have ample things to do and plenty of water to immerse in.


This drives me.  Here I am writing this note on a Sunday morning because I think it will add to the success of your store and this in turn will help me accomplish the goals I set and the success I see.

I could sit outside the cafe I started and just bask in the sunlight.  I love it.  I love the plant where we roast today.  I love business and I love what I do.  Ron Smith, who operates Deerfield Electric once panned me for working on a weekend.  I laughed and told him this is what I do.  It is my medical degree, my electricians license, my racecar, my hammer and nails, my vocation, and, yes my living.  I love it.  Ron doesn't understand.  He likes vacations.  I do too, but my work, my vocation, is also a very large part of my life and I love it.

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